About Us

Half Ticket writes words about tech and non-tech stuff going around the world, something that it likes doing since birth. He likes to pretend that he knows little.

Our Mission

Half Ticket is a family of writers who come together to share their stories. Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, a laugh to keep you going, or a place to keep you entertained, Half Ticket is the best friend who is always there for you.

As young adults, we get ourselves into a lot of messy situations, so our mission is to help you turn your messes into messages because if you can learn from your messes, so can others. No one has to go through it alone.

Our Story

Half Ticket is a company that was created by two siblings who strived to promote creative expression amongst today’s youth. Half Ticket originated as an online consignment shop for college women to not only feed their shopping addiction but also their bank accounts.

Six months later, we expanded to Read Half Ticket after realizing our message does not end with just fashion. We created a lifestyle destination where Millennials and Gen Z can come together to share their uninhibited opinions about any issue. Our goal is to be a safe space for today’s youth to openly and fearlessly express themselves.