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Welcome Post

Welcome Post

Hello there, dear reader! Welcome to our first blog post! We are Half-Ticket and are here to build our legacy. We are independent and love to feel, understand, and see the world and things surrounding it in our own unique way. Overall, we wish to grow fast and make a lot of unforgettable memory with our readers. We are excited to share with you MORE of what our blog has to offer! The number of ideas, how-to’s, and inspiration whirling around in us are ready to jump out. We want to start by telling you why we are creating this blog and what our readers can jump here for.

How are we starting Half-Ticket?

Because today, with less than two days before our launch deadline, we @Half-Ticket is determined to write some content and set up the last details and configurations for our website. So if you’re reading this you are enjoying the labor of our work and you should be quite proud of us, as we would rather spend our Friday planning where and how to celebrate our weekend.

But we made a commitment to this blog, and are planning to stick with it.

So once again, we at Half-Ticket welcome you to what will be our little personal project for some time of our future months and we invite you to join us on what I know it will be an exciting and unpredictable ride until it becomes the best journey of our lives.

What you will be seeing more of in our posts?

In conclusion, you will be obviously seeing blogs on a variety of topics related to various industries and domains like Economy, Healthcare, Politics, Lifestyle, Cinema, Food, and opinions will be the main topics of our blog. Further, get ready because you will be seeing much more than just that, and a mixture of lifestyle including the latest favorite food trends, museums, fashion stores, libraries, and other small businesses, also lots of tips that may help people live better anywhere with reformed awareness. For example, we plan to write a blog on the future of India’s entertainment industry, which will be helpful to gather insights on how will the ship of the world’s biggest film industry fare in troubled waters post COVID-19 downturn. For example, we will teach you how to properly pack a suitcase and what other arrangements can be realized.

Thank you for reading, Half-Ticket!

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