This Winter, Try the Ice Coffee

As a summer alternative to the morning tea or to replace the end of the day kawa, nothing like ice coffee. But despite its many fans, this caffeinated beverage is the cause of heated debate…

Before choosing your side, discover all our secrets to test the different types of iced coffee!

How iced coffee is prepared

For me, the best way to extract the aroma of coffee beans in a frozen version is cold brew, which is a dark caramel drink worth the detour. Most renowned baristas also offer infused coffees for more than ten hours in a piston coffee machine or made drop by drop with a special still.

You want to make homemade iced coffee? Choose a less time-consuming preparation. Make a classic espresso, then let it cool in the open air before placing it in the refrigerator for an hour. Then serve it as is, or with ice cubes or crushed ice. Be careful, however: the ice will dilute the aromas of the coffee! Anticipate the problem by starting from the start on very fragrant grains.

Gourmet variations of iced coffee Start with a variant of iced coffee rather wise: the coffee hit! In a blender, pour two espressos, four ice cubes, and 1 ml of liquid cane sugar or agave syrup for a vegan version. Shake vigorously, then serve in a tall glass …

This is a mossy drink as you wish! When it comes to summer beverages, you never say no to gourmet opulence? Pimp your iced coffee with an ice ball, dropped directly into the still-hot espresso … according to the Italian fashion of the affogato! Vanilla, stracciatella, and hazelnut, caramel: if the vanilla cream is often preferred, you are free to try other flavors. The only pitfall to avoid: a sorbet, whose tangy taste could ruin everything. Want more?

Style your iced coffee with a volute of whipped cream… do this before adding a touch of chocolate and some flaked almonds. Make the iced coffee the best, and crazy like never before.

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